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Ottawa Neighborhood

1. Old City of Ottawa

1.1 Central Ottawa

1.2 East end

1.3 South end

1.4 West end

2. Gloucester

3. Kanata

4. Nepean

5. Cumberland Township

6. Goulbourn Township

7. Osgoode Township

8. Rideau Township

8.1 Marlborough

8.2 North Gower

9. West Carleton Township

9.1 Fitzroy

9.2 Huntley

9.3 Torbolton

Ottawa is bordered on the north by the incredible Ottawa River. There are many opportunities for recreation, fishing and camping all along the river. On the other side of the Ottawa river is Quebec.

If you travel west of the Ottawa border you'll venture into the Ottawa valley. Traveling East will get you to Montreal in under two hours. And to the south is Highway 416 which will take you to Ogdensburg NY in about an hour. Or, if you keep traveling south to the 401, you can get to Toronto in about 4 hours.

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