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Sellers’ Guide

After deciding to sell a property, there are many things to consider and the whole process can be confusing. This is why I will help our clients to clearly determine their goals and motivation, thus making the sales experience easier and more pleasant.

First, you must ask yourself your motivation to sell your property and when is the best time to sell your property: do you want a bigger yard, new community, or move to a new city? A clear understanding of your goals and considerations (such as school, community services or commuting time) can help us to provide better services and achieve your desired financial goals and lifestyle.

It is also very important to set the ideal timeline to sell a house. Do you need to sell quickly? Determining your own situation and time limit will help us to develop a personalized sales action plan suitable for you after considering market conditions and other factors.

The biggest advantage of working with a real estate agent is that we have professional market knowledge and experience in buying houses and negotiation skills.

-We will ensure that you work towards the best market prices and terms, while keeping you informed of each step.
-We will take the time to understand and explain market changes, financing options, and the terms and conditions of competing properties.
-We will help you assess the potential benefits of selling properties and assess its impact on your finances and taxes to ensure that you will get the most dollar in your pocket.

Here are ten steps to sell your property.

  1. Step 1-Collect information

    First, find out what makes your house unique. Unique features, renovation improvements you have made, and one of the most important questions solved: How much is my property worth?

  2. Step 2-Set real estate goals

    Before evaluating your home, I will send you a list of questions for you to answer. After evaluating the house, I will conduct a preliminary evaluation. However, there is more work to be done before determining the best listed price. I also need to understand what your needs and goals are, and we will work together to determine the best timetable for your home sales.

  3. Step 3-Housing evaluation and listing price

    After understanding all relevant information, I will conduct a comprehensive market analysis (CMA), on which you can be sure that your house will be sold at the best price. Setting the right price will depend on many factors such as market supply and demand, comparable homes for sale in your area, and other factors.
    If your selling price is too high, you may have to lower the price, spend longer time selling or make it more difficult for buyers to find their own property. Over time, buyers may be suspicious of houses whose prices continue to decline, suspecting problems with houses or the unrealistic expectations of sellers. This may limit your bargaining power, because buyers may think this trend is a sign that your house should be discounted.
    Most home buyers also use prices as search criteria, so if your home price exceeds the price that potential home buyers can pay, then your home will be hard to find.
    Finally, selling property for too long may bring other financial losses, especially if there is short-term economic pressure. For example, even if you can sell a house at an ideal price, you may incur two house fees, such as paying a double mortgage. You may also miss other opportunities. Considering 5-6% of real estate agent's commission and other expenses (transaction costs, maintenance and repair, relocation and overlapping costs of houses), when selling a house, your entire expenses can easily reach about 7-12%.

  4. Step 4-Decoration and finishing before sale

    Not all home decoration projects are equally important. Whether to decide on certain renovation projects depends on the market you are in and the value of your existing home. Some projects, such as the addition of swimming pools or wooden floors, often have a greater value-added effect for more expensive houses, while kitchen renovation or the addition of complete bathrooms often have a greater value-added effect for cheaper houses.
    It is important to consider the estimated increase in cost and value of the house, because many large-scale, extensive renovation projects may take a long time or cause more unplanned expenditures. All small projects that focus on selections that are not related to personal taste are a great way to improve your home and increase its appeal to a wide range of buyers.
    When we perform repairs, our philosophy is to find the things the next reasonable buyer would repair. These are usually items that affect the safety, structure and functionality of the house. When I review your house, I will tell you, because every house is unique.

    Major Systems
    All Other Repairs

    Exterior facade

    Kitchen Appliances
    Sinks & Faucets
    Bathtubs & Showers
    Walls, Ceilings & Baseboards

    Smoke Detectors
    Circuit Breakers
    Water Heater


  5. Step 5-Set up your home STAGING

    First impressions matter and to ensure your home stands out from the others, I will cover the cost of a consultation with a home staging professional. They will explain how potential buyers view your home and help you create a memorable and visually-appealing environment.

  6. Step 6-Photography and video

    To ensure that your house shines, the next step is to arrange professional photos and videos to be used on the MLS website and in marketing and advertising materials. I will invite professional photographers to use high-quality photograph and video to advertise your house in the best way and show its uniqueness.

  7. Step 7-Extensive referral

    We will make sure to introduce your house to potential buyers as much as possible and promote it to different potential buyers according to the characteristics of the house, such as families with children, single people or retirees. I will also contact other real estate agents in Ottawa so that they can recommend your house to suitable clients. You will benefit from traditional and modern marketing methods, such as: advanced digital and social media, and proven traditional methods (such as open days).

  8. Step 8-Negotiation

    The seller will be excited about a high bid, but the price should not be the only deciding factor when accepting an offer. The initial quote is not necessarily the final selling price, because many other terms and conditions may affect your final income. We have significant experience in tailoring an offer to the circumstances of the property and Seller, and will make sure to maximize the outcome of your transaction. We hope that all parties will be satisfied when leaving the table. As a seller, you may also face multiple offers before deciding on the best offer that suits your situation. We will take the time to evaluate each quotation and explain the pros and cons that may help you decide and help you make a successful transaction.
    An effective agreement is a legal arrangement between a potential purchaser and the property's seller. We will also ensure that you are able to comply with all agreed timelines, to make the selling process smoother, and ensure that all parties comply with the terms of the agreement and understand all necessary steps at each stage.

  9. Step 9-House inspection and evaluation

    Once both parties have accepted the offer, the buyer will usually inspect the house and apply for bank loan approval. When drafting the contract, the buyer will set a timetable for the licensed house inspector to inspect the property. In this "selection period", the buyer has unlimited rights within the termination period.
    Buyers who have a lenders pre-approval, approval letter, or written loan commitment, possess a better guarantee of loan approval than a pre-qualification or no documentation from a lending institute. The appraiser of the lender company may also need to evaluate your property and confirm whether the sale price is suitable for the market. When the buyer waives or confirms that they have met the conditions listed in the offer, the sale is determined to be firm.

  10. Step 10-Successful closing sales

    Now we start the closing process. I will explain every aspect to ensure that you are comfortable and confident. Successfully selling your home is only the beginning of our service to you. Whether you are looking to buy the next house or need other real estate advice, we will continue to provide you with the help you need.