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Services provided to the buyers

My service for the buyer is free. I get commission from the sellers’ listing agent.

Buyer Counseling Session
I will conduct a buyer counseling session to discuss your needs and goals, and to plan the search for your new property.

Agency Alternatives
I will explain and discuss the type of Agency representation you will receive.

Home Purchase Guide
I will provide you with a comprehensive Home Purchase Guide The following components comprise our action plan for the search, property showing and purchase of your home.

-Property Search and Updates
My goal is to present you, when possible, with properties as they debut or before they appear on the open market.
-Property Showing
I will make myself available to show you the properties that meet the criteria you have selected.
-Property Information
To the best of my ability I will research all of the available information about the property you choose that may affect its market value or re-sale.

Competitive Market Analysis
Our competitive market analysis will assist you in choosing an offer price the property you have chosen and allow you to utilize current market conditions to your best advantage.

I will recommend that you obtain a building inspection from a certified inspector. In the case of a condominium, I will recommend that you obtain a Condominium Document Review Service to assist you in the review of the condominium documents.

Estimate of Funds Required
I will provide you with a preliminary estimate of the closing costs and down payment requirements anticipated in the transaction.

Offer Preparation and other paper work
Utilizing current industry standards, I will prepare a written Offer to Purchase, with your specific terms and conditions.

I will provide you with my professional negotiating skills for all offers.

Offer Presentation
Using current industry standards, I will present your offer reflecting your best interests to the listing Agent and whenever possible to the seller.

Continuing Service
After an offer has been accepted, I will track the completion of conditions and ensure that all documentation is delivered to the appropriate parties.

Walk Through
I will accompany you on a walk-through of the property before closing.

Ongoing Service
Your complimentary market update will arrive every month by e-mail if requested and for any of your real estate needs, your call is always welcome!

I keep my promises, or you don’t keep me!