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Why STAGE your house?

1. Staged house sells faster than other houses
Selling a house is a big project for sellers. A 2017 survey by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) revealed that 49% of home buyers believe that staged homes will affect the majority of home buyers' views and 77% of them said that it allows them to visualize the beauty and potential of the property.
Staging can also increase sales prices. In the same NAR survey, 29% of seller agents stated that the sale price of staged second-hand houses was 1% to 5% higher than that of other second-hand houses. Sales of second-hand houses are also faster: 39% of seller agents report reduced transaction time in the market.

2. Create an excellent online image
The best way to make buyers interested in your house is to show its beauty. Hiring an expert to assist you can ensure that your house looks to its best. This will create online traffic and attract potential customers.

3. Most Agents Consider it a Necessity
Agents believe that the best way to display their homes is to ensure that they can work properly so to better market your homes and sell them at a higher price as quickly as possible.

4. Buyers can visualize they live there
Every agent knows that when the buyer can visualize himself in the house, the offer will follow. When people can imagine their family in the house, it becomes their home, because many people pay for emotions and feelings. Staging can help to nurture this atmosphere, thereby promoting your home.

Staging tips

1. Get rid of clutter.

When tidying up the house, the most important tasks are cleaning. A clean, empty-as-possible house looks bigger. Remove gadgets and personal items from all surfaces. Don't just put them in the closet; potential buyers usually pay attention to the closet, and you want your home to appear spacious. So park the excess items out of the house.

2. Deep cleaning

Make your kitchen and bathroom sparkle, and be sure to close the toilet lid before any showings. Open the windows to ventilate the entire house, air fresheners or scented candles will keep the air fragrant. If you have pets, wash all the items they touch-no one likes the smell of pets. You may consider hiring professionals for deep cleaning.

3. Strive to create a light and bright look.

Buyers usually like to see bright rooms, so lighting is an important part of staging a house. Please open the blinds or open the curtains in advance. Make sure your fixture looks attractive. If your lampshade is dim or the fixture is old, consider replacing them. Even dusting light bulbs and fixtures can make them brighter.

4. Stage important rooms first.

We are about to enter a stage that may cost money such as renting furniture or removing some furniture to be stored. This can be a considerable cost, so if you don’t have the time or money to stage an entire house, you can make the most money by staging certain rooms. The NAR survey found that 55% of agents considered the living room to be the most important space, followed by the master bedroom, and then the kitchen.

5. Remove and / or rent furniture.

A good rule of thumb is to remove about half of the furniture. This can be difficult because you may still need to live at home. But your house looks bigger and has less furniture, making it more attractive to most buyers.
If your furniture just doesn't look showroom-ready (or if it’s already moved into your new home), you can rent nice, new pieces. Put your furniture in storage, or sell or donate it if you won’t be taking it with you. If you’ve already moved, another option is pop-up furniture, which is made of corrugated plastic or cardboard, but looks nice enough to give sellers the sense of place and potential they need.

6. Arrange furniture.

Place the sofa, chair and table away from the wall. This is a design technique called "floating" furniture. Even if the room has wall-to-wall rugs, anchor the space with an area rug. This will create a comfortable and private space, ideal for chatting with friends and family.

7. Work on your home’s curb appeal.

" Curb appeal " is a real estate term that refers to the attractiveness of your house at first glance. This is important because appearance is the first thing potential buyers see. The following actions can attract buyers:

- Power-wash your house and walkways.
- Clean your windows.
- Make sure your house number is easy to read.
- Mow the lawn.
- Trim overgrown greenery.
- Plant flowers.
- Put a welcome mat and potted plants on your front stoop.
- If you have a porch, include outdoor furniture.

8. Add a little extra.

After finishing the house which looks perfect, please add some finishing touches to the interior. People like to see flowers in vases, a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter, and folded towels in the bathroom. If you live at home when you sell a house, you can keep some extras in the closet so that the real estate agent can call and bring a buyer on a short notice.